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The Empowering Journey of LaTerra N. Howard

LaTerra N. Howard, holds a masters degree in Human Resources Management from Thomas Edison State University. She’s a woman of many hats in being an author, motivational speaker, and mentor. Above all, LaTerra embraces the role of a single mother of two.

Her passion for empowering others and providing sage advice as a mentor led her to publish her debut book, titled "The Recipe of a Strong Woman." This captivating book is filled with motivational passages that ignite inner strength, confidence, and personal growth. Each passage begins with the empowering phrase, "The recipe of a strong woman is," as LaTerra skillfully unveils a delectable blend of ingredients for the mind, body, and soul. Notably, this book transcends boundaries, speaking to individuals of all ages, genders, nationalities, and races. In fact, readers can effortlessly substitute "woman" with "man" or any other term of their preference.

Beyond the powerful content, the book itself exhibits an exquisite layout adorned with butterflies throughout. Although a few minor errors may be present, they are insignificant and do not detract from the book's enriching ingredients.

One of LaTerra's noteworthy endeavors is the facilitation of workshops known as Pinknics. These workshops revolve around the themes found within her book. She provides a safe and empowering environment, inviting women to join her in her metaphorical kitchen. Here, they can freely express their vulnerabilities and embark on a transformative journey. Having personally experienced the impact of "The Recipe of a Strong Woman," I strongly advocate for the inclusion of men in these Pinknics. LaTerra possesses a unique talent for uplifting individuals through her words and actions, making it imperative to extend the reach of her workshops.

In light of LaTerra's exceptional contributions, I wholeheartedly recommend the Newark Public Library and others to feature her book on their shelves. Furthermore, I encourage libraries to establish a partnership with LaTerra, enabling the delivery of Pinknics to empower and inspire the local community. By embracing her gift for empowering others, LaTerra has the potential to create a positive and lasting impact on individuals from all walks of life.

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