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Giving Marginalized Authors a Voice in the Literary World

I’m not one of those people that makes a big deal out of my birthday. Because of that, I generally don’t disclose when it is or rather that it’s coming up. Those that happen to know when it is and choose to recognize me on the date in question are more than welcome to celebrate, honor, and acknowledge me but I by no means invite them to. The reason being in part is that it falls during the celebration of Black History in February. I don’t consider myself to anyone of importance beyond my own circle of influence so I typically just treat it like any other day. What’s more it bumps up against other events such as National Storytelling Week, World Read Aloud Day, Valentines Day, Presidents Day, and the list goes on.

At any rate, Tradesha Woodard, Reporter, WCNC News, and I bonded over her debut children’s book The Purple Turtle. Having done so, she took it upon herself to do something nice for me in honor of National Storytelling Week. She invited me to meet with her on Friday, February 3, 2023 so that we could discuss my books and my efforts to make a difference by highlighting other authors of color. Tradesha and I talked and laughed for well over an hour as we shared the background behind our respective stories and what motivates us as human beings, African Americans, and black authors. She was able to condense all of that chatter down into a short segment for WCNC’s 6:00 PM Broadcast on February 4, 2023. I was able to enjoy it as a lead-up to the Carolina vs Duke game yesterday evening. It went a long way to remove the sting of Carolina’s loss in that it was by far one of the best birthday presents that I’ve ever received. Tradesha’s efforts let me know that I am making a difference and that I deserve to be honored as I am a part of Black History even if I don’t believe that I am.

Those of you that didn’t didn’t happen to catch the segment can watch the watch the replay and read the story by going here. Thank you so much for the early birthday present Tradesha. And Go Heels!


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