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Black is a Rainbow Color

Angela Joy is a woman of many hats. You see she’s an author, educator, vocalist, Girl Scout Cookie Manager, wife, and mother. Angela has also worked in the television and movie industries. Her debut children’s book, Black is a Rainbow Color is her magnum opus in that it’s a celebration of black pride.

Black is a Rainbow Color is stunningly illustrated by 2013 NAACP Image Award Winner, Euka Holmes. It captures the essence of the Civil Rights movement, the struggle for equality, and black pride. It does so through the usage of historical figures and imagery such as Dr. Martin Luther King, US Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, Langston Hughes, and so many others. It makes use of powerful statements such as “Black is the faith in a freedom not seen” and “Black was the man that gave the world his dream.” This story is shared through the eyes of a 4-year-old orator. I presume the orator to be Angela’s daughter. That in itself makes the book all the more special. At any rate, the orator takes readers on an amazing journey of discovery where she shares that while black, isn’t a color that you’ll find in rainbows in the sky, it’s a rainbow color indeed. The color black is the root that personally bears my name in the past, present, and future. She also shared that black is a rainbow color because it can be found in any child’s boxes of crayons.

While Black is a Rainbow Color was published on January 14, 2020, I chose to highlight this beautiful book today in celebration of Dr. King. Thank you Dr. King for your service in giving your very life to a noble cause. And thank you Angela and Euka for your beautifully written and illustrated book.

Moving along, I would also like thank Brenda Hornsby-Heindl and the staff at Liberty Public Library for their commitment towards diversifying their book shelves and community based programming. I mention them because it's where I grabbed my copy of Black is a Rainbow Color. On that note, I urge everyone that's reading this to please visit their local libraries as they're hubs of diversity, education, and fun.

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