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Words of the Year

I founded The Rules of a Big Boss LLC with help from my Dad on September 9, 2020. Its mission is to “elevate” and “empower” children, teens, adults, and families across the world. It’s vision is to bolster self-love and self-esteem through our books, clothing, accessories, programs, services, and partnerships.

I would like to highlight “elevate” and “empower” because they were our words of the year for 2022. But not only that, those two words are what we stand on as a company.

But for 2023, after spending time thinking about the future and what we want to accomplish, I’m excited to announce that we came up with two more words, “uplift” and “strengthen.” Please note, that they will not replace elevate and empower, they will simply add on in furthering them. These simple words council behavior that empowers and elevates. The Rules of a Big Boss will uplift people, uplift communities, and strengthen others in 2023 and beyond.

Happy New Year!!

Oh and what are your words of the year?


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