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Updated: Jan 23, 2022

My daughter, Haelee and I founded The Rules of a Big Boss on September 9, 2020. We came up with a tagline of Forged by Fire immediately thereafter in an effort to discern us from other brands. We chose it because it's our genuine experience in life. That experience in and of itself has bonded us together as inseparable best buddies. While that's the case, we have been operating since our inception without a clear and discernible mission and vision statement. Notwithstanding we applied for a federal trademark on February 12, 2021. We received notice on January 15, 2022 that our trademark request had been approved. You can read more about that by going here.

Haelee and I were challenged by Tamara Zantell, Founder, Raising a Mogul on January 4, 2022 to come up with "Words for the Year." Haelee and I were initially dumbfounded because we had not considered doing anything of the sort previously. Nevertheless we placed our thinking caps on and resultantly decided that our words would be "Elevate" and "Empower" respectively. While it was a nice exercise, it didn't seem like to big a deal initially. The lightbulb went off in our heads on January 23, 2022 however wherein we realized that those two words should be the baseline for everything that we do. In other words, they would be our operational ethos for 2022 and beyond. With that being the case, we then realized that we could use that same premise to develop our mission and vision. We resultantly decided that our mission would be, "We will elevate and empower children, teens, adults, and families across the world." and that our corresponding vision would be, "We will bolster self-love and self-esteem through our books, clothing, accessories, programs, services, and partnerships."

Moving along, research shows that readers make book and product selections based on verifiable feedback from others. As a case in point, Amazon includes authors books that have received 20-25 reviews in their ”Also Purchased By" and "You Might Like" Lists. What's more, research also shows that Amazon and other retailers give special placement to books that have more than verified reviews. This increased visibility contributes towards increased market share. This is of course important to us given that we're a small and newly founded company. But not only that, reviews are important to the general populace who we are attempting to empower and elevate. With that being the case, we'd like to ask, "Are you willing to help us further implement our missions and vision?"

If so, we we ask that you please consider leaving us an honest review on Google if you have encountered us in person. You can do so by going here. If you have purchased copies of The Rules of a Little Boss, we ask that you leave a review by going here. And finally if you purchased a copy of The Unexpected Journey, we ask that you consider leaving a review by going here. And finally we ask that you keep these same sentiments in mind with all authors and small business that you have purchased from.

We thank you for your continued support. .

Love Dedrick and Haelee


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