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Why We Publish

IngramSpark is a global distribution company that allows publishers and authors to distribute their books worldwide. They encompass a network of 39,000 retailers at the time of this writing. IngramSpark decided to elevate marginilized voices by inviting black indie authors to share Why I Publish stories during Black History Month. Having said that, they invited my daughter Haelee and myself to share our self-publishing journey's in an effort to elevate and inspire.

Haelee and I had sit down conversation during the final day of Black History Month with respect to their invitation/request. We both presented each other with the following questions during the course of our conversation:

  1. Who inspired you to write?

  2. What’s next in your publishing journey?

  3. What was it like working with IngramSpark?

  4. Why is it important for readers to see a diverse group of authors/writers?

You can watch Haelee’s segment in the video below and you can watch mine by going here. We hope that you enjoy our conversations. And we also hope that you feel inspired to write and share your own stories whatever they may be.


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