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Teaching Diversity and Acceptance Through Ice Cream

Markeeter E. Knox will be releasing her first ever book, I Scream You Scream: We All Learn About Ice Cream very soon. She wrote it in concert with her 6-year-old daughter, Trinity. Readers of this book will join them on a fun adventure in learning how mixed ethnicity children fit into this diverse world.

This book, published by The Rules of a Big Boss LLC will officially launch at Super Icy Brothers. Best of all, CN2 News is coming out to cover her in a story regarding the pre-release of her book. Please be sure to tune in this upcoming week for more information in that regard.

For those of you that don’t already know her, Markeeter is a wife, mother, and educator. She is also a philanthropist, champion of diverse communities, mentor, and a veteran of the US Air Force. Markeeter’s mission is to ensure that all children feel like they are loved particularly young ladies. Her daughter, Trinity is a six year old prodigy. She’s the eldest daughter of Markeeter and her husband, Wydruis Knox. Trinity loves playing dress up, swimming, reading, arts and crafts, and playing with her friends and baby sister. She especially loves writing and using her imagination. I would highly suggest that you follow Markeeter if you’re not already because she has more in store and she’s going places. You can follow her on Instagram b gong here.


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