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I Scream You Scream

My daughter, Haelee and I were both working on new books. She was working on her novel while I was working on a children’s book for brown boys. We gladly placed them on a hold so that we could place our full support behind an amazing mommy/daughter duo who deserve to have their voices heard.

Markeeter E. Knox (mommy) is a wife, mother, and educator. She is a philanthropist, champion of diverse communities, mentor, and a veteran of the US Air Force. Markeeter’s mission is to ensure that all children feel like they are loved particularly young ladies. With respect to young ladies she wants them to know that they are unique, special, loved, and that they matter. Markeeter’s hobbies include spending time with her family, arts and crafts, writing, reading, and volunteering.

Trinity Z. Elisson (daughter) is a six year old prodigy. She’s the eldest daughter of Markeeter E. Knox and Wydruis Knox. Trinity loves playing dress up, swimming, reading, arts and crafts, and playing with her friends and baby sister. She especially loves writing and using her imagination.The thing that makes Trinity most amazing is that she has a heart of gold and a spirit of philanthropy like her mother. She exhibited this in working with members of her community and community organizations like the Rock Hill South Carolina Police Department to donate over 200 books to the Levine Children‘s Hospital. This hospital provides expert care in pediatrics as evidenced by their consistent ranking amongst best Children‘s Hospitals in the nation per U.S. News & World Report.

Markeeter and Trinity are working together on their first book entitled, I Scream You Scream. Readers will join them on a fun adventure in learning how Trinity and other mixed ethnicity children fit into the world. This book, published by The Rules of a Big Boss will help children and adults understand that we are all the same in spite of our visual differences. Please enjoy this first look at the cover. And be on the lookout for the official cover and book release coming soon.


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