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Rock Hill Virtual Academy

Markeeter Knox is a Kindergarten Teacher at Rock Hill Virtual Academy. The Academy offers a K-12 alternative learning option for families that remain concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic. But not only that, it also provides a solution to those who want the benefits of learning from home. Families that opt to participate in this have access to the same certified teachers as in person students. You can read more about them by going here.

Mrs Knox asked me if I could come and read to and speak with her kindergarten students at 12:00 today. I told her that I would love to but that I unfortunately had a working lunch scheduled for that exact same time. Notwithstanding I told her that I might be able to get out of that meeting given that it would be for a great cause. I consulted with my supervisor and she gave me the thumbs up that it was okay. She said that I could use some of my volunteer hours to participate.

Moving along, Mrs. Knox thought that I was going to read my book Dear Daughter but I refused. I chose to read My Daddy Doesn’t Need a Cape by Sheryl Smiley-Oliphant and Through Our Eyes by Sherricka Carpenter-Stanley instead. I did so because both books have a special meaning in my heart. The former speaks towards my being a hero in my daughters life. The latter speaks towards me being someone who’s name people never seemed to care to get right. I spoke to the kids about the importance of making plans and having a backup and never allowing someone else to force them to change their names as I did. The children gave me and the books two thumbs up as they thanked me for coming. I also have it on good authority that they’ll be purchasing copies of both Sheryl and Sherricka’s books. But not only that, I also have it on good authority that they will be inviting them to read books of their choosing to the students as well.

Moving along, hanging out with them was the highlight of my day so thank you Mrs. Cox for having me. I hope that you enjoy those of you that are reading this enjoy this little clip and that you can get plugged in too. Oh yeah and finally, Mrs. Cox is working on a children’s book as well. It’s specifically marketed towards children of diverse and mixed populations. I’ve looked at the manuscript and it’s going to be great so be on the lookout for it. You just might find it listed in The Big Boss Store 😉.


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