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Dear Daughter Launch Party

Dear Daughter: A Love Story is an expressive story that reveals my heart through a series of short love letters to my daughter Haelee. I wrote this story not only for her but for daughters across the world. I want every woman and girl that reads it to know that I love each one of them through an extension of Haelee in being her dad. I want to help shift the paradigm of black men not taking care of their children especially their daughters in doing so.

The magic of it is that I chose my daughter as the editor of it. I chose her because I wanted it to be perfect for both her and daughters around the world. While that's the case, I didn't allow her to see the final project because it was a gift. I ordered advanced copies of it prior to releasing it to the public so that it could arrive in time for Valentines Day. It surprisingly arrived in the mail on Friday, February 12, 2022. I subsequently tucked it away for safe keeping as I began to plot how I could go about delivering the gift.

I snuck out of the house at at 6:12 AM on Valentines Day so that I could buy her some flowers, a gift bag, and a gag gift. I already had the candy so that wasn't on the grocery list. At any rate, I placed her gifts on her desk and her gag gifts on the kitchen table. Her gifts were wrapped all nicely while the gag gift sat in plastic bags. I called her downstairs after I had the perfect placement of both and screamed, "Happy Valentines Day" as I pointed towards the table. She rolled her eyes, laughed, and sarcastically said, "Thanks Dad" as she looked at the gag gift. I laughed and pointed to her desk where the real gifts were immediately thereafter. Her face lit up as she realized what I'd really done for her. She affirmed that I understood the assignment in saying that it was really cute. She gave it five stars while saying, “I knew that you liked having tea parties with me. Dad you were such a liar.” I retorted, “No I lied on that page because tea parties suck.”

Moving along, we had an official kickoff for Dear Daughter that evening. I shared my inspiration, my why, why it was important for me to publish the book, my pain, nuggets of wisdom, and a myriad of other things. It was such an emotional experience that I was moved me to tears. But not only that, I lost my voice in the midst of it all. I understand that many of you couldn't be there because you were celebrating what I hope to be romantic evenings with your husbands, wives, and boos. Notwithstanding, we didn't want you to miss out on this love filled event hence the reason that it's immortalized on Instagram. I chose the word immortalized because I shared with Carl Michel that I want what I shared in the book and the love that I poured into daughters in the publication of it and beyond to live on long after I've passed away. In other words I want it to be my legacy achievement. Those of you that missed the party can watch the replay by going here. I would like to thank everyone that helped me to reach my personal milestone achievement particularly Carl and my daughter, Haelee.

Oh yeah and before I forget, Dear Daughter was/is listed as Number 1 new release on Amazon. Please visit The Big Boss Store to find out how to grab your own copy.


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