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‘Dear Daughter’: NC father teams up with teen daughter to release book

I said February 2, 2022 that you shouldn’t just read about black history but that you should create your own following a visit to the Greensboro Central Library. I was accompanied by my daughter and WGHP, Fox 8 News.

Tracy Clemons and Josh Nagy did a story on us as a component of their In Black and White Series. We discussed the failings of black men, myself, and men in general to protect and love our children particularly our daughters. I shared with them that the those factoids were part of the impetus behind the development of my soon to be released children’s book, Dear Daughter: A Love Story. We also talked about our community partnerships with places such as Randolph County Public Library. We shared that we want to lift people up through our books, programs, and products and that there is a cost associated with doing so. We understand that everyone can’t afford to make that cost commitment particularly in this economic climate hence the reason that libraries are an important partner. The premise behind partnerships with libraries is that they can afford to purchase books and program packages. They can then turn around and offer them to their patrons at no cost. People can gain new skills, socialize, etc for free under those circumstances.

We’d like to thank the staff at Central Library for lending us their space yesterday afternoon. We’d also like to thank Tracy and Josh for affording us our very own moment in black history. And finally, we’d like to thank Randolph County Public Library for entrusting us with their patrons.

You can read the the supporting article plus view original video by going here. .


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