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Dear Daughter is Available for Pre-order Now

Dear Daughter is an expressive illustrated story that reveals the deepest recesses of my heart. It does so through a series of short love letters to my daughter, Haelee. Critics have said, “Like Robert Munsch’s Love You Forever, a similar story that follows the growing bond between a mother and her son, this story (in letters) is a gentle affirmation of the love between two special people. Have the tissues handy as, like Munsch’s story, there will be tears to shed as you read this compelling story of parental love.”

Dear Daughter is scheduled to officially release to the public on Valentines Day. It’s a gift of words of affirmation, acts of service, and genuine love for her. But not only that, it’s a gift to daughters across the world.

The eBook is available on Amazon for pre-order for those that would like to get advanced access to the gift at 50% off of the normal price. But not only that, I will through in a free code for Haelee Moone’s award winning book, The Rules of a Little Boss to the first 25 people who purchase Dear Daughter. To qualify, please take a screenshot of your purchase confirmation and send me an email. I will follow up by providing the free audio code as a gift. You can purchase your advanced copy of dear Daughter by going here.


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