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Looking Forward Into 2022

My magnum opus entitled Dear Daughter was scheduled to release on December 16, 2021. It will/would be my lifetime achievement because it reveals my heart through a series of short illustrated love letters to my daughter, Haelee. It says many of the things that I should have said to her over the years as she was growing into the young lady that she is now but failed to do so because I’m more action oriented than verbal.

My intent in scheduling it for that date was so that I could give it to Haelee as perhaps the best Christmas present that she’s ever had. But not only that, I wanted to give it to daughters across the world as a Christmas gift as well. You see I write/wrote it not only for Haelee, but for each one of them because they’re all someone’s daughter. My intent was/is to show not only do I love Haelee, but I that I live each one of them as well through an extension of her. In so doing my intent is/was to shift the paradigm of men not taking care of and protecting their daughters. I can handle this assignment given that I am a full time single dad (a parent) and it truly comes from my heart.

Notwithstanding, I have decided to hold off on the intended release date following conversations with Haelee and Richard E. Ashby Jr. Haelee said that it’s not quite right as of yet and she can do that because she’s both the editor and publisher. I can of course overrule her because I’m the parent however. Mr. Ashby on the other hand suggested that it’s more advantageous for authors to release at the beginning of the year as opposed to the end of the year. It should be noted that, Mr. Ashby is the former Director of Sto-Rox Public Library, Co-Founder and Director of LiteracyNation, Vice President of the Pennsylvania Black Librarians Caucus, and former President of the Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA). While that's all the case, it's hard for me to listen to them both because I really wanted to deliver it for Christmas but I’ve decided that I won’t rush the process and that I will trust my tribe. Given that sentiment, please be on the lookout for more news regarding Dear Daughter in January 2022.


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