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Dear Daughter Coming Soon

I am putting the final touches on my magnum opus. Have you heard about it?

If not, it's called Dear Daughter: A Love Story. It's an expressive story that reveals my heart through a series of short love letters to my daughter, Haelee. Those of you that are in the know, know that I write it not only for her but for girls across the world.

You also know that she she's my editor, her company is the publisher, and she receives 100% of the profits. I write it not only for her but for girls across the world to let them know that I love them all through an extension of being a father to her. In so doing I hope that it shifts the paradigm in black men and men in general not taking care of their children particularly given that I am a full time single dad.

It will available in hardcover, paperback, and Ebook format in a store or library near you soon. Research shows however that audiobooks are the wave of the future with respect to reading. Given that sentiment do you believe that I should make an investment in turning it into an audiobook too? Would you read grab a copy and listen on if I made it available on Audible, Kobo, etc as I did with the The Rules of a Little Boss and The Rules of a Big Boss?


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