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I Understood the Assignment

As I’ve shared previously, I wrote Dear Daughter: A Love Story for my daughter. It’s part of her Valentines Gift.

While that’s the case, I didn’t write it for her alone. I wrote it for daughters across the world. It’s in effect my way of pouring the deepest part of my heart into the world for everyone’s daughter. Towards the end, I say something to the effect of, “I pray that each one of you daughters that receive it can receive my gift of love in the writing of this book.”

I was hesitant to release it because I had doubts if I was up for the challenge. But these two women, Tonya Perry, PMP and Zinet Abdella, CISA moved me to tears as they shared that I understood the assignment. I would like to highlight Zinet in particular because she said that even her son enjoyed reading it. I’m absolutely in awe and moved by it because my book for sons isn’t due out until later on this year. With all of that being said, it doesn’t matter who wins tonight because this is my Super Bowl. Those of you that would like to purchase copies of Dear Daughter, can see all of the places that it's available thus far by going here.


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