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Dear Daughter is a Hit

It’s not often that I’m at a loss for words but I am today. I reached out to Literary Titan on January 28, 2022 in asking them to do a literary review of my first ever children’s book, Dear Daughter. Their normal process is to complete all reviews within 45 days. I asked Thomas Anderson, Editor in Chief was there any type of way that they could expedite the process because I wanted to have it in advance if if my Valentines Day Release. Thomas said that he could have it to me within 14 days. He far exceeded my expectations in delivering it right on time today, January 31, 2022. It was right on time because it followed a rough day at the office.

They said in their review, “Dear Daughter: A Love Story, will show readers the intense love and admiration Moone feels for his daughter. It can be felt on every page of this heartwarming account of their lives. This heartwarming picture book is highly recommended to any parent who has faced overwhelming challenges in raising their children. Moone and his daughter give readers something that is difficult to find in today’s world–they give us hope.”

They also provided, “When a young girl looks to her father as a superhero, he will do everything he can to keep that image alive.” Dedrick Moone shares his story in this creative children's book and memoir. This heartfelt picture book is for all ages. You can read their formal 5 ⭐️ in its entirety by going here.

This is great because it immediately follows the news of Dear Daughter receiving a 5 ⭐️'s from Emily-Jane Hills Orford in her review for Readers Favorite on January 26, 2022. She provided, "Like Robert Munsch’s Love You Forever, a similar story that follows the growing bond between a mother and her son, this story (in letters) is a gentle affirmation of the love between two special people. Have the tissues handy as, like Munsch’s story, there will be tears to shed as you read this compelling story of parental love." You can read her original review in its entirety by going here.

One final important important item of note, is that Dear Daughter was designated as a #1 New Release on Amazon on January 31, 2022. I am speechless and amazed at the overall outpouring of love particularly given that it does not officially release until February 14, 2022. With all of that in mind, I can officially say that not only am I an author, writer, editor, and writing consultant but that I’m now a children’s book author as well.

Thank you everyone that showed faith in me through their counsel, purchases, reviews, and the overall development of this project. I am eternally grateful for each one of you. Those of you who would like to join in helping me push this book to more daughters across worldwide can do so by purchasing it here and giving it as a gift. especially while it's 50% off of normal retail price.




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