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Club 4 Kids

Virtuous Cornwall is an alumni of Rutgers University. She was born in the United States but was raised in Ghana, West Africa. She’s a military wife and the CEO and founder of VNC Books. Writing is her passion and she gears it towards children and families. Virtuous especially caters towards those in the inner city. She gave me a wonderful birthday gift on February 19, 2022. That gift was an opportunity to share my love of being a #GirlDad with members of Club 4 Kids on Clubhouse on that morning. You can read more about Virtuous and her various initiatives by going here.

It was an emotion filled event as I read the story aloud for the first time ever. I unexpectedly fell apart in sobbing as I read the letters aloud. I wanted to stop and conclude the reading because I didn’t want anyone to witness me in such an emotional space. Virtuous wouldn’t allow me to stop however. She said something to the effect of, “The world needs to hear and see this Dedrick. It’s okay. Take your time. Keep going.” I persisted on and finished the reading as directed.

Krystal Glass, Founder of Unique Busy Kids (UBK) Childcare Center messaged me afterwards in saying that she loved the story, that she grabbed a copy of it, and that she was teary eyed in hearing me share it. I shared with her that I never knew that I was such a cry baby until my daughter was born and that she had taken away all of my gangsta. UBK believes that all children have unique strengths and abilities. And they allow them to express their uniqueness in a social environment where safety and community are number one. I suppose that I was one her children in those tender moments. You can read more about UBK by going here.

Sam Burke, Founding President, Ebony Toastmasters said to me that while his daughter is 40 plus years old now and that my book, Dear Daughter reminded him of his and her relationship. He said that he cries often when he thinks about it and that it causes him to break into a song. I don’t remember the name of the song but he shared that he used to sing it to her as she laid safely in his arms when she was a baby. He also sang the song as he sat by her bedside when she was younger. He was kind enough to sing a beautiful rendition of it thereby making me cry yet again. You can read more about Ebony Toastmasters by going here.

Tears bring forth growth and healing. Thank you Virtuous for the gift of growth. I would also like to thank Krystal and Sam for letting me know that it’s okay to cry. And thank you to each one of you that have read thus far and supported my daughter and I in our writing journey.


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