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Black Friday Shopping

Haelee asked me if we were going to go Black Friday Shopping this morning. I said, "Of course you are, you're going to wake up early so you can complete your orders while I sleep. You can go shopping after that. Oh and don't forget that you have dishes to clean and laundry to put up."

Anyway autographed copies of our books and several other items are now on sale for 25% off on her website. I mean Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million are doing it but only on their preferred products and vendors (good ole boy networks). That got me thinking why not us right? Given that sentiment, we have dropped the prices on almost all items on our site. We also worked with our various vendors (e.g. Apple Books, Kobo, etc to drop the price of our Ebooks). So go ahead and stock up on the gift of literacy and empowerment through my daughters black owned business in support of her dream to make change across the world in giving young kids someone authentic to look up too.

Use code BBBF25 for the discounts. Happy shopping, stay safe, and remember that the purpose of the season is both thanks and giving.


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