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A Journey of Empowerment and Community Engagement

Updated: 5 days ago

I was happy to  accept an invitation from Shiona Caldwell, Enrichment Programs Manager, Families Moving Forward (FMF) to engage with the residents at their shelter not long ago. I brought along two incredible women in Jennifer Williams, Director of Learning and Development, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCNC) and Sheila Harrel, Manager of Learning and Development, BCNC. Their resilience, compassion, humility, and professionalism are nothing short of amazing.

Their stories resonated so deeply during our visit that I voluntold Jennifer to share more of her journey at our Empowerment Unleashed Program launch on May 23rd, where I'll be serving as facilitator. This is monumental step for me considering my personal battles with agoraphobia and anxiety. But with the support of Toastmasters, my wife, Vanessa, therapy, and women like Jennifer, Sheila, and Shiona, I've learned to mitigate and counter my fears.

To the men that are reading this, let's honor the women in our lives who lift us up. Trust in their strength and the support they offer. And why not join us making a difference right where you are?

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