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How We’re Changing the World With Our Words of the Year

People across the globe are making New Year's Resolutions to improve themselves and their habits as they say goodbye to 2023 and welcome 2024. But my daughter, Haelee, and I have a different approach, we choose Words of the Year instead. These words are simple yet powerful reminders of what we want to focus on and achieve in the new year, personally and professionally.

Our company, The Rules of a Big Boss LLC, was founded on September 9, 2020 with the goal of elevating and empowering children, adults, and families across the world. After reflecting on our past achievements and what we’d like to accomplish in 2024 and beyond, Haelee and I are excited to share that we have chosen “Self-Growth” and “Community” as our respective Words of the Year for 2024. These words will guide our organizational behavior, thus leading us to revise our mission and vision statements. The Rules of a Big Boss LLC is dedicated to empowering individuals, families, and communities worldwide by promoting positive change and growth. We create a diverse array of  books, clothing, accessories, programs, and specialized services with a goal of fostering a world where individuals, families, and communities are empowered to embrace self-confidence and self-worth

What are your Words of the Year or New Year’s Resolutions for yourself or your organization? Please share them with us below and let’s support each other in having a fruitful New Year.


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