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Empowering Communities: The Journey of Empowerment Unleashed

Updated: 5 days ago

The Rules of a Big Boss LLC, a company that I co-own with my 16-year-old daughter Haelee, hosted a workshop titled Empowerment Unleashed for residents at Families Moving Forward (FMF) on December 6, 2023. FMF is a 501(c)(3) temporary housing services provider that’s located in Durham, NC. This workshop brought together representatives from organizations such as Durham County Library, Shaw University, and Sistahs Who Care. Our mission was to inspire and uplift families through motivational speeches, community bonding, and practice interviews. The positive response from attendees was overwhelming, prompting us to work collaboratively to turn Empowerment Unleashed into a recurring program.

I presented the concept to Jennifer Williams, Director of Learning and Development at Blue Cross NC and she enthusiastically endorsed it considering her own path to success. As a result, Empowerment Unleashed has become a workshop series in partnership with Durham County Library, Blue Cross NC Learning and Development, and other key local organizations. Our goal is to equip FMF residents and other participants with essential skills that foster career progression and personal development.

We’re united in our belief that these workshops will significantly contribute towards reducing homelessness. The model has the potential to be replicated across the state, amplifying its positive impact. My heartfelt appreciation goes out to Shiona Caldwell, Enrichment Programs Coordinator, the FMF leadership, and all of the participating organizations for their shared faith in the vision and commitment towards community.

I invite those of you to that are reading this to consider how you can also serve as a resource to FMF or similar organizations in your area. Your involvement is crucial in assisting families on their journey to stability.

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