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Behind the Scenes: My Upcoming Visit to 810 Studios

My personal journey as an author and small business owner has been one of connection and communication, with appearances on television, features on radio, and interactions across a multitude of platforms. Yet, despite those experiences, I've never had the opportunity of an in-studio experience. This changes on tomorrow, May 11, 2024, when I visit 810 Studios. 810 Studios is a hub of innovation and creativity in my wife, Vanessa’s hometown of Clinton, NC. 810 Studios is dedicated towards elevating small brands and businesses with cutting-edge technology for podcasts, TV productions, music, and more.

From my Pen, a program hosted by Dorcas Beatty, casts a spotlight on published authors such as myself.  Dorcas who’s a published author herself and a local hero, offers a deep dive into the essence of our craft via engaging and thought provoking interviews. It's a privilege to be invited by Dorcas and the owner of 810 Studios, Tomeka Robinson to experience the studio first hand. I'm excited to share this experience with you and invite you to a conversation that's set to be enlightening and inspiring. Join us live on Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms for our powerful behind the scenes conversation.



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