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Black Girls Write Discusses How to Organize Your Writing Projects

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Black Girls Write 2 provides women of color a forum to express themselves in written format. They cultivate creativity, ingenuity, self-love, and love for our culture through writing. I participated on an author call with them this morning. The purpose of it was to network, learn from each other, and promote our written works.

I was a little nervous because I was the youngest person on the call. The ladies made me feel comfortable though plus my Dad was listening in. I knew that he’d save me if need be. I learned new ways to market, publish, and a whole lot more. Take a listen so you can learn too. I start speaking around the 12 minute mark. Oh yeah and my Dad said that he’d be quiet but he can’t help himself. You’ll here him butt in if you listen all the way until the end 😏😼


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