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Writing for Sons of Color

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

My Goddaughters mother told me not to forget about sons as I shared the concepts behind Dear Daughter with her several months ago. I retorted that I couldn’t tell that type of story because I’m a non-fictional writer. As such writing such a story should be left to someone that can truly speak to it because I felt like my doing so would be forced. My sentiments in that regard was that it would be completely disingenuous and I would never want to do anything of the sort. She said, "Well it’s something that you should think about." I retorted, “Yeah uh huh okay” with no intent on ever giving what she said a second thought.

Fast forward to December 23, 2021 wherein I had a lengthy and fruitful conversation with my Dad. I told him that there is a gift for him inside of Dear Daughter. I shared that it would probably make him cry when he saw it and that I’d be there for all of it with a laugh and a hug. He gave me a gift during that conversation wherein he unlocked some memories that were buried deep in the recesses of my mind. In taking time to reflect, I realized that I can indeed write genuine stories for black boys. But not only that I can write the stories from multiple standpoints and angles.I simply need to write from the perspective of myself from yesteryear as opposed to myself at present. There’s potential there in that people may love and embrace it that is if I can fully tap into my inner child again. And I believe that I can given that I’m a big kid anyway.

Do y’all think that I should write stories for young boys of color or should I leave them for men with sons? As a note, I pitched the concept to my daughter Haelee and she loved it. On that note, she's given me permission to publish said works if I so choose. So what do y'all think?


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