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Virtual Storytime With Randolph County Library

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Randolph County Public Library is headquartered in Asheboro, NC. Whether you’re a business owner, visitor or resident, Asheboro Is exactly where you want to be. It is home to rich economic, natural and cultural resources (E.g. Asheboro Zoo). Asheboro's come as you are attitude invites you to jump in and become a part of the community whether you're a permanent resident or a weekend visitor.

Asheboro Public Library offers a full range of free services to the public to include popular books, children's programming, adult programming, DVD's, and a reference desk that helps you get the answers to whatever questions you might have. Storytime is one of their most popular programs. Storytime promotes the gift of literacy in young children. It does this by encouraging parents to sit down and listen to stories from local and world renowned authors on Tuesday's. This is of critical importance due to the fact that research shows that only 46% of North Carolinians between 3rd and 8th grade are reading on grade level. You can gather more details about this factoid by going here.

With all of that being said, Samantha (Sam) Martin, Head of Children's Services, Asheboro Library is doing her part to help combat poor literacy not only in Randolph County but in North Carolina as a whole. She did this in part by inviting my daughter and I to do a virtual reading of The Rules of a Little Boss: A book of self-love on December 16, 2021. It was followed by a Q&A session. You can watch a replay of this empowering and fun filled event by going here. But not only that, they don't limit library cards to residents of Randolph County only, they actually allow any and all residents of the state of North Carolina to hold a library card. Their doing so allows any and all North Carolinians to be a member of their reading family thereby holding true to the cities value of come as you are while simultaneously helping to improve literacy.


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