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Christmas at Liberty Public Library

While I’m a native North Carolinian, I have yet to visit every city and town within the state. To be specific, I had only been to Liberty one time in the entirety of my life prior to yesterday. I’m somewhat upset about that because I didn’t know what I was missing with particular regard towards Liberty Public Library. My daughter and I received an invite from Brenda Hornsby-Heindl, Branch Manager to attend their Christmas Party. Their invite included us participating as vendors with respect to their meet the authors programming on December 7, 2021. It also included us getting into the spirit of the season. We were met with smiling faces as soon as we entered. We most loved the children's room and the book dedication tree. The children's room was bright and engaging. It was replete with books from independent local authors and international publishing houses. My daughter and I both stated that while we don’t live in Liberty, we must become members of the Randolph County Library System by getting library cards.

Moving along, those smiling faces continued as we transitioned from the Library over to the Town Hall. The space that connects them is replete with a beautiful mural that celebrates the legacy of Liberty, NC. My daughter and I stopped in our tracks because we were mesmerized by the beauty and detail within it. We made our way over to the Town Hall after our pause and attempted to introduce ourselves to Brenda. A formal introduction wasn’t necessary because she knew who we were right away. She warmly greeted us, thanked us for coming, directed us to our station, and told us to please let either herself or a member of her staff know if we needed anything. We’re low maintenance so we didn’t need anything outside of finding out where the bathroom was. We also met her son. He’s a really cool little guy. I discovered that he liked Spider-Man and Minecraft. We promised that we’d both go see the movie and that we’d collaborate to talk about it the next time that we visited.

At any rate, Santa and Mrs. Claus came in not too long after we got settled in. Mr. and Mrs. Claus were an absolute joy. Mrs. Claus told me that Santa works at the Asheboro Library during the off-season so that he can keep a close eye on the little boys and girls of Randolph County to keep up with who’s being naughty or nice. I even got to ask him for the pony that I’ve always wanted. And yes that’s me sitting on his lap like the big kid that I am. My daughter asked him for a little sister. I asked Santa to please scratch that item off of his list because she was being naughty with her request.

We made connections with other local authors like Sandra Bartell, Pastor Andy Clapp, and others that we believe will last a lifetime. What I’m saying in that regard is that the smiling faces were more like warm embraces. Thank you Liberty Public Library, Town of Liberty, and Randolph County for showing us what we had been missing all of these years. We can’t wait to visit you guys again and soon.


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