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Guiding Young Men: The Wisdom of Gabriel Hamilton

Kim C. Lee is an author and content creator who engages with authors and illustrators in candid discussions through her series Let’s Talk About It. Kim shines a spotlight on fellow authors by introducing their diverse narratives to her audience. She featured Gabriel Hamilton on March 28, 2024. They delved into the influential figures in his life and the wisdom that he imparted in his book, Life Lessons For a Kid Like Me. I felt compelled to grab an autographed copy after hearing the touching story on all of the men that have played a part in his life. You can watch the replay by going here. Gabriel is a man of several hats. He's a devoted husband, father, US Army Veteran, and a bestselling author twice over. Life Lessons is his magnum opus. It’s replete with lessons that he believes every young man between the ages of 1 and 10 should learn on their journey to manhood.

Life Lessons evokes memories of my own childhood when my uncles imparted wisdom upon me such as the difficulty of getting out of trouble. I reference my uncles as opposed to my dad because they were pivotal male figures in my dad’s absence. This is where Life Lessons truly shines, addressing the need for community in raising young men. With its vibrant illustrations and diverse cast of characters Life Lessons is an essential addition to any young man’s library.

5 ⭐️’s

Note: A video summary of my review can be found below. I hope that you enjoy it.

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