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Embracing Leadership: My Journey with FCCLA

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is dedicated to the advancement of its student members in life roles from nurturing family dynamics to achieving career goals and mastering essential life skills. I joined FCCLA elevate my business, The Rules of a Big Boss LLC from a human services and childhood development perspective. I also joined because we get to go on trips to conferences, spend a few nights with friends, and meet new people.

The annual State Leadership Conference is always a highlight. Held at Koury Convention Center, this year’s conference was a gathering of 800 student members myself included. We demonstrated our readiness for college and careers through a variety of competitive events such as technology in teaching, national programs in action, and interviewing skills. I chose interviewing skills and used my company, The Rules of a Big Boss as the backdrop. The judges interviewed me after spending several minutes reviewing my portfolio which highlighted our mission, vision, samples of work, and my resume.

I was so happy when my advisor, Ms. Bryant revealed that I was finalist in the interviewing skills event. That happiness turned into elation when the judges announced that I finished in 3rd place statewide. And not only that, I was the only finalist from my school in the entire category. The top two finalists from the state move on to the international competition in Seattle, WA but I still have a chance to represent NC and my school as a runner-up. Your good luck wishes would mean the world to me so please wish me luck.

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I am an FCCLA Advisor in Lenoir County Public Schools! Thank you for sharing! I love FCCLA. Congratulations!

Me gusta
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