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High Five a Librarian

Libraries are important because they help promote literacy, provide books and resources to the public, etc. We were supposed to high five a librarian yes but I don’t play by the rules 😆.

I want to high five Mr. Richard Ashby of, For Sto-Rox Library because he catalogued me and my dads books in Worldcat. His doing that made our books available to every library in the world. He also sponsored me and my dad to be members of The Black Caucus American Librarians Association (BCALA). He also purchased 20 copies of my first book, The Rules of a Big Boss and handed it out to girls in his community. 🤯

I want to high five Ms. Samantha Martin of Randolph County Library because she’s letting me read my latest book, The Rules of a Little Boss to the kids at her library next month. I think she purchased a few copies for the library too. What’s even cooler is they have a podcast for people in the community that are doing inspiring things. She said that she might be able to get me and my dad on there. How cool is that? 🥳

Ms Samantha also put my dad in contact with one of her colleagues, Ms. Brenda Hornsby Heindl. Ms. Brenda invited me to do a book fair at her library next month during their holiday party for Diverse Books Night. 😍

I also have to high five Ms. Tammy Baggett, Ms. Ciera Williams, and Ms. LaShaunda Williams of Durham County Library for purchasing my books and for talking to me and my dad about programming opportunities. 🤩

I want to high five Ms. Tamekah Wilkins and Ms. Cynthia Steinebrunner of Howard County Schools for inviting me to speak at their schools career day.

I also have to high five Ms. Ashley Rose of Guilford County Schools for letting me know that I'm welcome back home anytime and for looking into programming opportunities for me.

Do you see why I couldn’t name just one?

Please stop in and high five them too if you live in North Carolina or Pennsylvania. But first, do you have your library card?


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