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Embracing Hope and Empowerment: Together We Can Overcome

Updated: May 28, 2023

I had the honor of delivering a powerful speech at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina on May 24, 2023. My speech was entitled “Striving for Progress: Uniting Against Mental Health Disorders." I spoke from the heart, sharing my own personal journey dealing with mental health challenges along with strategies that I employ to combat them. But more importantly, I highlighted the strength and resilience we all possess within us. I wanted to ignite a flame of hope, reminding listeners that they aren't alone in their struggles and that brighter days are ahead.

The audience thanked me for being transparent and endearing. Several of the attendees shared that my words deeply resonated with them. It’s moments like this that remind me why I’m passionate about raising awareness for mental health. You can watch the replay by going here if you're interested.

At any rate, I ask that you please join me in embracing hope, supporting one another, and empowering those around us. Together, we can make a difference and create a world where mental health is prioritized and nurtured. On that note, please share this message with others to spread awareness, ignite conversations, and encourage individuals to seek the help that they deserve.


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