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Celebrating Triumphs: A 5k Run for Mental Health Awareness with JoCo Deltas

I was proud to watch my dad cross the finish line of a 5k run for mental health awareness on May 20, 2023. He participated with the Johnston County Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority (JoCo Deltas).

Completing the course in 39 minutes, my dad insists that his time would have been even closer to 36 minutes, if he hadn't taken stopped to take pictures and talk with other runners. It was a testament to him being all in since he complained about his back hurting before the race earlier that morning. He told me that he didn't believe that he'd be able to run because of it.

I was a vendor and a proud spectator. I cheered him on while selling books, laughing, and dancing with the JoCo Deltas in the name of improved mental and physical health. The JoCo Deltas raised $3,000 to support the House of Hope through the race and wellness fair. It was incredible opportunity for me to see first-hand how mental wellness can be promoted through community, support networks, and sisterhood.

Jenna Rae Gaertner from Spectrum News was there to cover the race and provide support. She chatted with Telia Virgin, President JoCo DST ; my dad; and several of the other participants and organizers. If you missed the live coverage, you can watch the replay by going here.

Please enjoy the pictures from the event and join me congratulating my the JoCo Deltas and the participants, especially my dad.


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