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Empowering Minds: Joining Forces for Mental Health

Delving into the realm of community betterment, I am thrilled to share the remarkable efforts of the Johnston County Alumni Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta (JoCo DST). Their dedicated mission extends beyond their local community, aiming to enhance mental health across the entire state. It gives me immense joy to join forces with them, aligning in honor of my esteemed mom, Wanda Moone, a cherished Diamond Life Member of the illustrious DST.

Tomorrow morning, I am eagerly anticipating a meaningful conversation with my dear friend Sarah Rudlang, Anchor, Spectrum News and Telia Virgin, Chapter President, JoCo DST as we delve into the details of this noble initiative. Our discussion will shed light on their transformative endeavors particularly those that are centered around mental health.

Please stay tuned to Spectrum News all of next week for a heartfelt exploration of the incredible work being done to improve mental health and make a positive impact in the JoCo community and beyond.

Oh yeah and Happy Mother's Day in advance ladies.


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