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This is our History

Virtuous Cornwall is an alumni of Rutgers University. She’s a military wife, mother, and the CEO/Founder of VNC Books. Writing is her passion and she gears it towards children and families. Her latest book, This is our History takes children on a journey to Africa, Elkins Castle, and so much more. While the book primarily targets people of African diaspora, it actually features characters of all ethnicities. It doesn’t paint one or the other in a bad light because it’s beyond the scope of this book. What’s more, is that I don’t believe that doing so coincides with Mrs. Cornwall’s generalized personality. You can purchase copies of This is our History and read more about Mrs. Cornwall by going here.

Moving along, it does an excellent job of providing historical relevance. It shares things about Africa as a whole and Ghana as one of its individual countries. It shares many of the customs that were celebrated by their people prior to slavery. It accomplishes this through beautiful illustrations and prose. I could literally visualize many of the scenes jumping off of the page particularly the family tree. This is further aided by an accompanying video that Sheryl Smiley-Oliphant put together that highlights particular segments and scenes from the book. You can check out that video by going here.

What This is our History does more than anything is that it gives African American children reassurance through affirmations. It does this by letting them know that they come from an enriched land and that they’re so much more than descendants of a formerly enslaved people. It’s an excellent tool for teaching Black History beyond slavery and the Civil Rights Movement. With that in mind, I’d love to see This is our History incorporated into Black History programming within schools and libraries.

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