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Vision Boarding With Perry Memorial Library

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Perry Memorial Library is a public library that’s tucked away in Henderson, NC. Henderson is experiencing a revitalization in that it’s rapidly becoming a welcoming home for small businesses. This is evident in their efforts to restore downtown and attract new businesses. They’re doing so through a myriad of activities and events.

The library, which is located in the heart of downtown Henderson is a leader in those efforts. They have partnered with The Rules of a Big Boss LLC to host a vision board party. This party is catered towards teens. They’ll laugh, eat, create, and empower one another under the tutelage of my daughter Haelee.

Melody Peters, Youth Services Librarian tells us that the Covid Pandemic had a significantly negative impact on their programming especially where it relates to teen services. They or rather she hopes that this event can be a start towards that. In other words, they’re holding true to the cities values of being welcoming towards small businesses. And we’re honored to partner with them in that regard.

We hope that you can join us on Tuesday, January 10, 2023 for this motivational event. Or perhaps I should say Haelee because I’ve been told that I’m not allowed to participate. Please note that registration is not required. The only thing required is that you come prepared to have a good and fruitful time.


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