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Counteracting Violence Through Data Collection

She’s A Crowd empowers governments, communities and other decision-makers to drive change in the space of gender-based violence using digital crowdsourcing technology. Using a storytelling platform, AI technology and data analytics, She’s A Crowd collects valuable data on sexual assault and gender-based violence in order to inform preventative action.

Their crowdsourcing platform allows young women and women to share their stories of sexual assault and gender-based violence in a safe and anonymous online platform. Those stories are geotagged and timestamped. This data is then used to advise governments, universities, and other decision makers how they can make their cities, spaces, and organizations safer and more inclusive for everyone. You can find out more about She's A Crowd by going here.

While I’m not affiliated with them, their mission and purpose hits home for me because I’m a sexual assault survivor. I shared my experiences and the impact that they had on me in my books The Rules of a Big Boss and The Unexpected Journey. My hope is that my platform and She’s A Crowd helps empower others to persevere while simultaneously keeping women and young women safe.


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