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Rock Hill SC is Where Dreams Come True

My daughter, Haelee and I had so much fun during our visit to Rock Hill, SC in celebration of Markeeter Knox’s official launch of I Scream You Scream: We All Learn About Ice Cream. The official launch party was held at Two Scoops Ice Cream in downtown Rock Hill. We got to hang out with the owners Hunter, Jennifer and their adorable daughter, Sawyer. We also took delight in indulging in several different flavors of ice cream. I discovered that Cookie Monster and Ice Cream Sandwich Ice Cream are two of my new favorites. We also got to learn more about the Two Scoops Rock Hill Story. Jennifer shared that both she and her husband, Hunter found themselves furloughed from their previous employers as an end result of Covid. Most people would've saw this as a setback/pitfall but not them. You see they saw this as an opportunity to do something that they had always wanted to do in bringing joy to their community. They decided that they would like to do that through ice cream and coffee. They subsequently decided that they would purchase their own ice cream shop. Hunter and Jennifer then decided that they would reach out to the owners of Two Scoops Ice Cream in Charlotte, NC to seek their advice on how to go about making such an acquisition. The owners informed them that they were glad that they asked because they had long wanted to open a location in Rock Hill but they didn't have the bandwidth to support such an endeavor. Given that sentiment, they shared that they would love to partner with them under the scope of a licensing agreement and have them run the day-to-day operations of Two Scoops Rock Hill. Hunter and Jennifer happily took him up on that offer, and Two Scoops came to be a staple in the Common Market Rock Hill.

We also had an opportunity to hang out with and take pictures with Buckee from Just a Buck. Buckee was kind enough to drive all the way from Charlotte, NC to attend. But not only that, we found out that Buckee is a fellow author as well. I was more than happy to purchase a copy of The Chipped Cup. Oh yeah and they're running a coloring contest for young artist too. Just a Buck is asking that all aspiring artists color a picture of Buckee and bring it back to the store. They will then be entered into a raffle to win a young artist kit courtesy of Just a Buck.

Haelee and I also received awards for our efforts in helping Markeeter and her daughter, Trinity achieve their dreams of becoming published authors. Trinity will soon release her debut book entitled Brown Girls Have Superheroes Too. Did I mention that Trinity is only 6-years-old? Who would’ve thought that all of this would’ve come from both Haelee and I making author visits to Rock Hill Schools?

And finally Markeeter and her husband Wy treated us like family throughout our visit. Rock Hill subsequently doesn’t owe us a thing and we appreciate them for that. South Carolina might just be my second favorite state followed by North Carolina because of the collective experiences that Haelee and I had this past weekend.

Moving along, please enjoy the photo outtakes provided below until we receive the official photos from the event photographer.

5 ⭐️’s to the Knox Family, Just a Buck, and Two Scoops.


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