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Rising Above Chaos: Conquering Challenges and Finding Triumph!

Wednesday, October 18th tested my resilience. My room resembled a disaster zone thanks to my mischievous dog Oreo, and I encountered an unexpected setback my book release, The Christmas Lesson. Amidst it all, my daughter, Haelee turned 16, adding to the whirlwind. On top of this, I had to speak spontaneously for 7 minutes about mentor and mentee relationships, sans filler words.

Taking a deep breath, I embraced the challenges head-on. The result? An effective speech that left an audience member asking, "Will you be my coach?" I conquered my speech impediment and stage fright, sharing laughter and inspiration with everyone in attendance. Afterwards, I treated Haelee to dinner for two, dessert, and a heart-to-heart, followed by a fun evening watching Ninja Turtles. I even managed to clean up my dog's mess thus turning setbacks into opportunities, especially with my upcoming book.

What challenges have you faced recently? And how did you overcome them? Write me back and let's celebrate our victories over chaos together.


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