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Programming Opportunities With Durham County Library

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Haelee and I have taken the initiative to add workshops and consulting services to our portfolio of products. Our efforts in that regard have caught the attention of Durham County Library specifically Tammy Baggett, Director Durham County Library. Durham County Library strives to empower and enrich the Durham Community through a wide and diverse range of library services, programming, and collections. With that in mind, Ms. Baggett has afforded Haelee and I an opportunity to present our services this afternoon to her staff so that we can be considered for potential programming opportunities with their library system.

This is huge given that neither one of us are trained writers or educators in a traditional sense. Please wish us Godspeed as we continue our journey to make a positive impact on others. And thank you so much to all of you who have helped us get here particularly Sheryl Smiley-Oliphant. Mrs. Smiley-Olphant helped us come up with ideas and she created a video filled with crafts in support of Haelee's latest book, The Rules of a Little Boss: A book of self-love. You can watch it here. Please be sure to give Sheryl and her two young proteges their flowers by commenting, liking, subscribing, sharing, and grabbing copies of her books for the little ones in your family.


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