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Precious Batten, Empowers Children with Heartfelt Book, Ouch You Hit Me

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Hailing from New Jersey, Precious Batten is a modern-day Wonder Woman (Nubia). Juggling roles as an educator, actress, and author, she shines brightest in her role as a mother to three beautiful children, Halo, Zola, and Nori. Precious went on a journey to find the perfect book when she discovered that her eldest, Halo, struggled to find her voice at school. Faced with a lack of viable options, she took matters into her own hands and wrote Ouch You Hit Me. This children’s book is a guide for helping Halo and other children like her that are dealing with similar circumstances.

I was happy to receive an autographed copy of Ouch You Hit Me on November 24, 2023. The beautifully wrapped pink package hinted at the treat awaiting me within. The beautiful scenery of a young black girl, caught in a moment of contemplation inside a garden of flower’s set the stage for a heartwarming adventure. Precious's dedication to her children, portrayed through a beautiful family photo, added a personal touch that resonated from the moment that I opened the book and throughout.

Ouch You Hit Me skillfully navigates themes of friendship and age appropriate conflict management. The beautiful illustrations enhance the story and contribute to the overall charm. Concluding with thoughtful discussion topics for parents, addressing issues like bullying and conflicts among friends, it’s more than just a children's book, it’s testament to a mother's dedication to the well-being of all children. As an added bonus, the book comes with a delightful coloring and activity book titled, Ouch, You Hit Me: ABC Coloring Book.

I wholeheartedly recommend adding Ouch You Hit Me to every young child's library. You can grab copies anywhere that books are sold such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Books-A-Million, and more. Oh yeah it comes with a delightful coloring and activity book titled, Ouch, You Hit Me: ABC Coloring Book.

5 ⭐️’s


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