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Planted not Buried

I experienced assaults on my character, job loss, health challenges, and a whole host of other things in 2020. I thought that I was going to lose everything that I worked so very hard for but God had another plan.


He sent me rams in the bush in the form of Dr Vanessa Raynor, Shanique Davis, Genesis Kemp, Karen Brown-Tyson, and Kiescha Cherry. They reminded me that God was shoving me down in the dirt so that I could be planted and that He would do a new thing in me through it. I initially refused because I’m hard headed, feared judgment, and tend to be somewhat closed off. They reminded me that my struggles and challenges weren’t for me but for someone else who’d come behind me. But not only that they proffered that letting it all out would aid my healing. I went to my daughter and told her that I wasn’t strong enough to do it alone and asked her if she would help me tell it and she said, “Yes.” Her saying yes is part of the reason that she’s my shero. My daughter has a strength in her that I don’t readily have at times. I can lean on her when I’m weak just as she can lean on me.


A new thing was released on March 5, 2021 when we released the Unexpected Journey: Fire and Gold. It’s the story of our bond, how we were planted deep, and how we overcame with God on our side. It helps people to see that they can do the same thing. I appreciate those people tagged because I could not have done it without their seeing His plan where I didn’t and for pushing me to submit.


But most of all, I want to thank God for choosing me plant me deep. He did it so that I could be used as a vessel to aid others. As a case in point, I have been invited to speak with Veterans in my community who are returning home from deployments. Several of them have mental and/or health challenges that I can personally speak towards. I will share more information about that at a later date. •••

Please give these sisters the flowers that they deserve in all this. And please stop by Ben’s Boyz, Riches in Reading, Shelves Bookstore, and Stylz Plus to grab a copy of The Unexpected Journey: Fire and Gold. Each retailer named is owned and operated by black women.


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