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Peach and Plum

M Johnson is a graduate of Howard University Film School. She has a background on film sets, from big budget Hollywood to the humble independent film, and she also has a background in Theatre. While that’s the case, writing is her life. She is quoted as saying that she would become a vegetable without it. Her young adult book, Peach and Plum is her magnum opus in children’s literature and it’s her second literary offering.


Peach and Plumb is a story about friendship between adolescent children. The book itself is replete with original characters whom I could personally identify with from the trendsetters, to the class clowns, to the quiet and shy characters. I could identify with them because the author, M Johnson took the time to define each character throughout the course of the book. They each had their own unique personality but they all fit together to form a cohesive collective. What I liked best was that M Johnson also took the time out to give flash forwards in time so that readers would know what became of the characters in the future. The author was very strategic in where she placed those fast forwards so as not to take away from the individual characters story arc. It is an overall excellent story where young and adult readers allow themselves to remember what it’s like to be children again. Moving along, I would love to see this book made into a children’s miniseries of some sort. I truly believe that I would be a hit. Congratulations on an excellent literary piece M. Johnson.


Those of you that would like to support this author by purchasing a copy of her book can do so by going here.


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