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One Whole Me

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Dia Mixon is a Spanish teacher, children’s book author, and mother of 1. She is passionate about helping children develop intercultural competence and global awareness.

Dia achieved those very edicts through the publication of her delightful book, One Whole Me. This story is told through the eyes of a 7 or 8 year old orator. He shares within that his parents are from two different countries/representative cultures. While that’s the case, his parents didn’t forget their roots. They instilled a blend of them both within him so that he could appreciate where he truly came from. But not only that, they wanted him to respect differences from a global standpoint as well.

The orator takes us readers on journey where he shares his love for soul food, salsa dancing, and love for African American and Colombian history amongst other things in this beautifully illustrated book. My favorite part was that the story was told in both Spanish and English. But not only that, Dia was mindful to include a Spanish/English Translation Dictionary at the conclusion of the book. Her proceeding as such helped affirm the new terms and principles that were shared within the pages. Given that sentiment she clearly took me as a reader to school.

With all of that being said, everyone that believes in diversity, equity, and inclusion should head over to either Amazon or her website and purchase copies of this book as it’s an absolute delight. Congratulations on a wonderfully written book Dia.

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