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Oh No Hacked Again

This book introduces an 8-year-gold girl named Elham. She is particularly fond of online gaming. Like most young children her age, she doesn't always make the safest decisions while being online. Elham resultantly gets hacked as described in this colorful story.

This book made especially for children and tweens. While that’s the case, it has nuggets which speak to everyone particularly adults. I say that in part because there has been a rise in online accounts being compromised by hackers particularly amongst adults on Instagram. I’m not exactly certain how it keeps happening but I presume that it’s due to online phishing attempts as the author, Zinet Kemal so eloquently outlined in this book.

What I loved most about it is that the Mrs. Kemal incorporated whom I believe to be everyone within her family to include her husband and children throughout the book. That in and of itself made it akin to a memoir in a sense. What I found most charming in reading it was Elham's reenactment of being hacked for a second time. She was frustrated because the people that hacked her were people who purported to be her friends. But not only that, she was unable to play her favorite online video game as an end result. Elham experienced a great deal of angst in having to confess to her mom that she'd been hacked yet again. She showed a range of emotion in determining whether or not she should tell her mom who I presume to be Mrs. Kemal. That roller coaster of emotions gave the book a comedic sense of being and I loved it. I could literally see the scenes playing out on the screen as if I were watching TV in reading it. My visions in that regard were aided by Sasha Izmaylova's wonderful illustrations.

As an added bonus, I took the initiative to find Mrs. Kemal online. I inquired if her family and herself were the titular characters in the book. She laughed and said, "I'll leave it for you to guess." She then then allowed me a few pictures of her family so as I could try and ascertain if she and her family were the stars of the book. Please have a look at the photos and let me know if you believe that they're the titular characters after you've read the book. You can purchase your copy by going here.

The culmination of everything made Oh No I've Been Hacked Again a sheer joy for me. I would highly recommend it for all children and adults. But not only that, I can’t wait to recommend and share it with my colleagues given that I’m an Engineer and IT Governance Consultant when I’m not publishing books myself.

5 ⭐️’s


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