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Officially Trademarked

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

One of the greatest gifts that a father can give to their child is a good name. I gave my name to my daughter, Haelee on October 18, 2007. I can't say whether my name is good or bad because that's for others to determine. I would say that it's a mixed bag if forced to answer however.

At any rate, my daughter came to me in August of 2020 not long after publishing her first book, The Rules of a Big Boss in saying that she wanted to design clothes, have her own store, etc at some point in the future. I retorted that she didn't have to wait until the distant future because she could do that very today. I asked her did she want me to help her start it and she said that she did. She and I worked together to brain storm various names but we decided on The Rules of a Big Boss because it's all about empowerment, elevation, etc as discussed in her first book. I started doing my research and we applied for the trademark on February 12, 2021.

We received notice on January 15, 2022 that our request for a trademark had been approved. Yesterday's date is important because it's Dr. Martin Luther King's actual birthday. Trademarks are important because they allow customers and potential customers to spot and recognize your brand amongst a crowd. They also grant exclusive usage rights while simultaneously building brand reputation and awareness. What's more, they appreciate in value over time. With that in mind, your brand becomes more valuable as your reputation grows.

With all of that in mind, January 15th will forever be special to me because it's the date that I defined my legacy in giving my daughter her good name. While we can't begin to hold a candle to the legacy that Dr. Martin Luther King left on society, it is still our very own personal moment in black history. On that note we will do all that we can to adhere to our respective words of the year of “empowerment” and “elevated” in 2022 and beyond.

My name is Dedrick and my daughters name is Haelee but you can call her "Big Boss" in recognition of her good name.


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