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Joseph Moments

Brianna Dahlquist is an award winning is an journalist for WCCB/CW-TV in Charlotte, NC. She is a huge advocate for women and children, she works tirelessly with various organizations in to help combat human trafficking. You can read more about her by going here. At any rate, Brianna posted a video [which you’ll find below] this morning where she shared that people can’t share their dreams with everyone. Her sentiments made me pause as I reflected on my own personal life.

The largest dream that I ever had in my life was when God revealed to me that He would call on me to raise my daughter, Haelee. Not only that He told me that I would break many of the curses that had plagued my family for generations. I shared my dream with the two women in my Mom and Granny that were closest to me in hopes of gaining support. What I got instead was doubt and ridicule. That experience broke my heart more than anything that I’d ever gone through in life (yes I cried). I didn’t let it deter me from Gods promise however because He didn’t put a Spirit of defeat inside of me. I was subsequently given custody of my Haelee a short 6 months and $20,000 later. My winning custody was the happiest moment of my life short of her being born. I learned from that experience to keep Gods promises to me close to my vest.

What I and Brianna described are called Joseph moments. Have you ever had one? If so what was it?

If you haven’t had one, I promise that you will. And when you do, I pray that you take the advice that’s been shared by both Brianna and myself. Don’t let anyone break your soul. Take a read of The Unexpected Journey: Fire and Gold if you need more direct advice. You can find it by going here.


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