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My Why

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Haelee and I have a very open relationship. She comes to me with most anything given that sentiment. She shared that she would like to become either a Therapist or Attorney when she grows up. The reason being is that she [truly] enjoys helping others. She inquired what path she‘d need to take to get there. I advised her that she would need to obtain an advanced degree. That would constitute anywhere from 4 - 8 years of school following completion of high school. We then discussed cost. She asked where she would get that type of money from. I shared with her that I would pay for undergrad should she decide to stick to that plan. I further disclosed that we would have to figure things out with respect to postgrad which is why we are here today.

I submitted the paperwork to make The Rules of a Big Boss a Limited Liability Company (LLC) a few weeks ago. She and I are 50/50 partners in the filing. I informed her that all proceeds collected on her books, clothing, and accessories are 100% hers until she either finishes college, becomes a millionaire, or whichever comes first. She can spend a little and save a little thoughout. Those monies that she saves will go towards her postgraduate education.

At the end of the day, any decent parent aspires to put their child(ren) in a better position than themselves. The reason being is simply that they/we love them more than we love ourselves. Given that sentiment they/we don't want to see them have the same struggles that we had/have. She's the best version of me and she's my legacy. As such investing in her is absolutely necessary. My hope is that she carries it forward and passes it forward to my future grandchildren should she choose to have them. That my friends is legacy that I can and will smile down upon.


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