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Pushing Past Traumas

I used to be trusted counsel due to the fact that I was blessed with the gift of gab. I was often deployed as a weapon to go forth and talk to flag officers, senior executives, external constituents, and impediments to progress when core and critical information needed to be conveyed or rather when allies needed to be made. My mind and Spirit were broken between 2014 - 2016 due to repeated traumas. I retreated behind the curtain out of fear because I was no longer who I once was. To be specific I developed a speech impediment amongst other things as a result of those traumas (Ref: The Unexpected Journey).

I have a speech to deliver today in front of senior executives for the first time in years. I told my supervisor that I don’t feel comfortable doing it because the room is too big for me. She told me to schedule thirty minutes with her to review my presentation yesterday morning. I did so and she had no feedback other than, “You’ve got this. Breath slow and remember to slow down.”

My name is Dedrick Moone and I’m going to break a leg and push past my traumas in this big room this morning. What fears cripple you? Please feel free to share them in the comments below.


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