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How I Wrote a Love Letter to My Daughter and Turned It into a Book

If you are a parent, you know how much you love your child. You know how much you want to protect them, guide them, and make them happy. You know how much you cherish every moment you spend with them, even the difficult ones. You know how much you learn from them, and how much they inspire you.

But do you tell them?

I didn't. Not enough, at least. Not until I decided to write a book for my daughter, Haelee.

The Story Behind Dear Daughter: A Love Story

Dear Daughter: A Love Story is a collection of letters that I wrote to Haelee. Each letter is a reflection of our relationship, experiences, and our bond..

I wrote Dear Daughter to express my love and gratitude for Haelee. I wanted to show her how proud I am of her, and how much I support her. I also wrote this book because I wanted to inspire other parents and daughters like Precious Batten and her daughter, Halo. I wanted to show parents and children that they can overcome any challenges that they encounter so long as they face them together.

What Readers Are Saying About Dear Daughter: A Love Story

I am humbled and honored by the positive feedback that Dear Daughter: has received from critics and readers. Here are some of the reviews that touched my heart:

  • "This book is the meaning of unconditional love. This book made me go on a journey down my own relationship with my father. I could see the highs and woes and everything in between. I appreciate Mr. Moone for his bravery in telling this story. I know so many people can and will relate to this book. This book will definitely help fathers all over struggling to see their kids and even fathers struggling to raise their kids alone. I really love that this book gives a message, You are not alone." Sheryl Smiley-Oliphant, Author, My Daddy Doesn't Need a Cape

  • "Dear Daughter: A Love Story, will show readers the intense love and admiration Moone feels for his daughter. It can be felt on every page of this heartwarming account of their lives. This heartwarming picture book is highly recommended to any parent who has faced overwhelming challenges in raising their children. Moone and his daughter give readers something that is difficult to find in today's world-they give us hope." Karen Almeida, Literary Titan

  • "The language is simple so young readers can follow along and the illustrations are bright and colorful and speak volumes about the compassion and love that exists between father and daughter. Like Robert Munsch's Love You Forever, a similar story that follows the growing bond between a mother and her son, this story (in letters) is a gentle affirmation of the love between two special people. Have the tissues handy as, like Munsch's story, there will be tears to shed as you read this compelling story of parental love.." Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Readers Favorite

How You Can Get a Copy of Dear Daughter: A Love Story

You can purchase copies from black-owned establishments like Next Chapter Bookstore or Stylez Plus Salon. You can also check out copies from local libraries such as Durham or Hennepin County Libraries . If they don't have it, please consider asking them to add it to their collection. In other words, put away your debit card and pull out your library card instead.

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