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Championing Diversity in Children's Literature, The Story of Gabriel Hamilton

Gabriel Hamilton wears many hats. He’s a devoted husband and father, a proud US Army Veteran, and a two-time bestselling author. But not only that, Gabriel is a visionary with a deep commitment towards fostering diversity and inclusion  in children’s literature.

Several states across the US have found themselves at the center of heated debates over book bans in recent years. These controversies often target books and authors that promote diversity and inclusion [such as he and myself] thus stifling the voices of underrepresented authors. A significant example was when Scholastic controversially decided to allow schools to opt out of including diverse books in their catalogs. While they’ve since reversed this decision following public outcry, the impact on diverse authors and their readers was profound and lasting.

Gabriel took bold action in response to these decisions. He launched a groundbreaking catalog called “Inspired.” Inspired is curated collection of books by diverse children’s book authors he’s met during his travels. Inspired isn’t just a list of books; it’s a tool that connects readers directly with authors from diverse backgrounds, ensuring their stories reach the hearts and minds of children everywhere. Inspired is in fact a movement towards positive representation in our communities. By offering direct access to these diverse authors, Gabriel Hamilton is making it easier for children to see themselves in the stories they read and for communities to support inclusive storytelling.

You can help champion the cause for diversity and inclusion in literature by downloading a copy of Inspired by going here or accessing it online by going here.

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