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Spotify has entered the audiobook market! That’s right they’re now selling audiobooks! They have a diverse range of audiobooks to include children’s, young adults, fiction, nonfiction, and romance novels. A black voices section highlights everything from bestselling author and First Lady, Michelle Obama to Octavia Butler and Viola Davis.

You can now also find my award winning books The Rules of a Little Boss and The Rules of a Big Boss on Spotify. They were written by me to help children, teens, and adults discover their own brand of self-love. Critics have said that they’re beautiful stories about confidence and being yourself. They’ve also said that they provide an abundance of motivation, advice, and self love affirmations.

This wouldn’t have been possible were it not for Kiea Dixon. Kiea has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from James Madison University. She has a sultry yet energetic voice. Kiea specializes in children’s and educational narration. She’s worked as both an engineer and voice talent for several audio books in that respect. Her work includes Let’s Talk: A Story About Autism and Friendship, Let’s Talk: Going to the Zoo, and Who’s Jerry: Seen and Not Heard. It of course also includes The Rules of a Big Boss and The Rules of a Little Boss.

My dad and I took into consideration that a lot of people struggle with literacy and comprehension so we partnered with Kiea to convert my books into audiobooks. We felt like doing so would help those that struggle with dyslexia, visual impairment, and other disorders.

Our hope is that you enjoy her voice and that find your self love in either listening to or reading The Rules of a Big Boss or The Rules of a Little Boss. You can listen to an audio sample of The Rules of a Little Boss by going here and The Rules of a Big Boss by going here.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the audio samples, head over to Spotify, and grab yourself copies of The Rules of a Little Boss and The Rules of a Big Boss for the new year.


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